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2015 Season in Review

4 Dot Outfitters 2015 Hunting Season

It was another great year of hunting at 4 Dot Outfitters. We started the season in September with a couple that came out for a bow hunt, and four weeks filledfor the general rifle season.

Sam Novich and Zach Babbit guided with us again this year, and did a great job. The 4th week Jake Herak joined us as a guide, his extensive knowledge of the outdoors is a great addition to our team, and we look forward to having him with us next year. Wayne cooked for us again and as always did a great job.

We try to make improvements around camp every year to better your stay. This year we added a camper so our clients have access to a shower. Luke set up a battery system for the use of C-Pap Machines in the shack that worked great.



We are booking up fast for 2016 and 2017! Please contact us quickly to see what hunting dates are still available.





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